We worked on these Linked Data projects:

  • Municipal budget (in Czech) - This application displays budgets of indivitual municipalities in 2010. It enables the user to browse the data in a user-friendly way and also to aggregate the data at different levels of the municipal hierarchy, to compare different municipalities and display statistics.
  • Registry of schools (in Czech) - The Linked Data version of the registry of schools. The work on this project began by converting the available data to Linked Data. Next, the data was processed and linked to other Linked Data. The resulting application allows the user to display various statistics based on the linked datasets about Czech schools.
  • RDF data visualization - This project allows the users to create analyses of RDF data. Then, the analyses can be shared and reused among the users. The results can also be downloaded as Linked Data. In addition, the tool supports more advanced graph algorithms and customizable visualization based on used ontologies/vocabularies.
  • ODCleanStore a Strigil - ETL tool for extraction, transformation, cleaning, and publishing of Linked Data.

Ongoing cooperations: