We are a group of Linked Data experts and researchers from XML and Web Engineering Research Group, Department of Software Engineering, Charles University in Prague.

We have co-founded the initiative with the goal to build governmental open data infrastructure for Czech Republic. We participate in a number of projects, e.g. LOD2 project, the leader on the European Linked Data research and development.

We cooperate or we have cooperated with numerous research institutions (e.g. Universität Leipzig, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Fraunhofer FOKUS). We also cooperate with ministries (e.g. Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic).

Our mission

Our goal is to help companies and other institutions to comprehend Linked Data potential - what Linked Data can bring to them and their data. Our goal is also to help companies and institutions to start using Linked Data for running their business. If interested, please see the list of our Services.